Procrastination Is My Middle Name.

I hope I spelled that right…? LOL!
Well, anyways, this post is definitely way over due just because I have a tendency to neglect my blog and all my social media sites every now and again and just do nothing online at all.
But, now I’m back and have even managed to update my blog’s theme, which I think looks a little better and modern than before.
However even at this point I find that I barely have anything to write about…
It’s getting really cold here, it started to snow about a week ago and ever since I have been living in sweaters and fluffy socks. Winter is definitely beautiful, but not my favorite season.
I can’t believe this year is coming to an end already, I feel like time is going by so fast and there is nothing I can do to catch up.

I honestly think this is all I have to say here after almost four months, it seems as if my mind goes blank when I click on “new post”, whilst I previously had so much to write about.
Hopefully it is just a “blogger’s block” and I can actually come up with full posts, not just the ones that consist of a few sentences and an emoticon at the end.

Whenever that happens, I will be sure to write it down right here though.
But until then – I bid you farewell. :)

Workout ADD?

Is it possible to have workout ADD? Because I think I just might have it…
I was doing the 30 Day Shred and was done with the first level, but then I just couldn’t commit anymore. Doing the same thing every day, even though it’s circuit training got so tedious for some reason… And then I started doing the Body Revolution (also by Jillian Michaels) which I had also tried before and stopped doing for whatever brainfart reason. Right now I’m still on the workouts one and two for phase one, but I’m liking it a lot more. It definitely is showing results already without putting too much strain on my messed up knees and ankles.
I hope I can keep up with this one until the end. I’m loving it so far though. Let’s hope I kicked the workout ADD this time! :D

30DS, Level 2, Day 2

Yes, I finished the second day and I am still alive…
Barely, but it still counts. Last night I could barely sleep because my shoulders were just in so much pain from the workout. I seriously had no idea my shoulders could hurt so bad. I usually get tension headaches when my shoulders get like this, but this was beyond anything. Luckily I have this absolutely brilliant cooling gel that I use whenever my shoulders hurt, it’s just menthol and ibuprofen and it’s freaking amazing. I put it on (quite liberally) my shoulders and ankles after I finished today’s workout and it feels so relieving…
Besides the mind numbing pain in my shoulders, I can’t really complain. The workout is designed to leave you sweating and panting and wanting to die and it definitely delivers with level two. I did manage to improve my plank form today though. To hold it longer and just suck it up when it hurts, that is.
I guess that’s about all I have to say about day two. Will definitely check in again tomorrow. :)

30DS, Level 2, Day 1!

The day has finally come where I have gotten off my ass long enough to start level 2 of the 30 Day Shred… Can I have a quick round of applause please? (Okay, I’m kidding with the applause thing.) But for the past four days (or three, I can’t count right now, my brain is mush from all those planks) I haven’t worked out at all. First off, my ankles were hurting, so I decided to take one day off. Next morning I woke up feeling like utter crap, with a sore throat, fever and every inch of my skin hurting. There goes another two days of not doing anything.
So this morning I wake up, feeling relatively normal and I figure, why the hell not start the second level? I mean, I have technically gone through the first level plenty of times, my muscles didn’t even get sore anymore. Well, the first day of level 2 went pretty much like I though it would… I thought I would die by the end of only 20 minutes. It really does feel like starting the Shred all over again 13 pounds heavier and a whole lot more out of shape. I don’t think I can lift my arms tomorrow, that was the worst part about the whole thing, actually. Not the intensity of the cardio, not the new ab moves, but the fact that I have to have my shoulders and arms locked in the static plank pose for that damn long while stabilizing for plank-jacks, etc. Seriously, right now my arms are tired!
But I must be some new breed of psychopath because I fully intend to do the second level again tomorrow. The whole ten days. And as a precaution I’m actually icing my ankles right now. Well, not really icing, I just have some cooling gel that has about the same effect.
But tomorrow should be fun, lol! :D

30DS, Level 1, Day 6

So this here serves as a check in for day 6. I did the workout, didn’t get sick from the meds, didn’t get sore as hell and am feeling pretty good for now.
Even though my ankle is acting up a little bit again. I don’t get what is wrong with it, I can’t see a doctor either, she’s just really damn stupid. I went to her the last time it happened, wobbling in through the door and she was like “oh yeah you’re fine, just keep doing what you’re doing.” Really bitch??? My damn ankle was twice its size and hurting like a bitch and that idiot did not even bother to take a good look at it. So now it goes untreated, because the doctor refuses to do her job. The only thing I can do is just put on a supportive thingy I got from the local pharmacy… I hope that’s enough, because I really don’t want my foot to be out of commission for a month again.
I’ll see how it is tomorrow though.
Bye for now!

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